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January 2, 2010

First Kid portraits 2010

We gave the girls a bath this morning, and my husband dressed thing 2,
while I dressed thing 1. They ended up looking so cute, I had to get
some pictures!!
Thing 1 is a type 1 energy, according to Carol Tuttles energy
profiling. Sweet, happy, sunshiney, full of love and life type of
energy. Therefore her hairstyle and clothes look best on her if they
match that energy, and I just looooove the dress she is wearing and
that pretty little rose in her hair. Such a princess, I believe. : )
She loves to pose for me, the background is actually our microfiber
couch, I liked the color it had, but then added a couple overlays and
textures to get what I got.
Thing two is a more still energy, and has more finer features and is
just plain sweet. Her idea of posing is a little bit different, lol,
and out of all the shots this was the only one that turned out of her
sitting up and looking and smiling at the camera. The rest were her
laying on the couch with her hair all squished around, and her feet up
in the air. I may just have to share some of the other pictures,
because I still think they were cute, but I was happy to get these two
for some pictures to hang up in my living room.
I am soooooo wishing there wasn't so much snow on the ground, and
hoping for spring and summer to come quickly. I miss the outside
light, and chasing after kids outside with a camera is definately
easier than doing it inside.
I realy wish my basement lighting was set up better, I am hoping maybe
for my birthday coming up, to get some track lighting or something.
That would be fun!
Anyway, I loved the way these turned out, and wanted to share : )

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