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February 27, 2012

Little Loo crazy eyes :)

I came across this picture today, and my heart melted and grew bigger all at the same time. This is my little lady Loo at about 6 months old. (She is now almost 2!) She received this saucer toy for Christmas, and was sort of getting the hang of really playing with toys. :) 
I just can't get over that crazy look in her eye, haha! 

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September 2, 2011

Goodbye beautiful Summer- Hello calming Fall

A time of warm sunny days, in little pink swimsuits, with the lawn sprinklers going, getting us all wet. We help and encourage each other to endless fun and laughter.

Come walk with me and let the sun turn our baby skin Golden.

Let pure joy fill our hearts, while the green grass tickles our feet and grounds us with the earth,

and keep these memories forever, because our child hood, is the foundation of how we will see the rest of our lives.

September 1, 2011

My Dad.

There are many words that could describe the heartfelt love and devotion I have for my parents. I really do feel, and have always felt that I was blessed with the most incredible parents and family. I realize my life could have been very different had I been born into a different family. I didn't grow up in a family of worldly wealth, but we always have had an abundance of joy. Our love for each other and our savior has always been enough.
    My parents moved their little family of 5 (at the time, ending up as 8) to the coldest, most barren and windiest place on earth......o.k. maybe not THE most of all those things, but it sure was close....(RockSprings, Wyoming should say it all) try to make a life for them. My dad got a job at Bridger Coal mining company as a mechanic and first settled what they had, at a place called Farson, Wyoming. Farson wyoming is a little clump of trees in the middle of nowhere, but it has a great tie to our family and our story, so we love the place and the life long friends we made there. :)
    My mother was very pregnant with me at the time, and took care of my two older sisters also.
    No running water, no power, no phone, a real start to a wonderful adventure we call our family history.When I was two, we moved to Rock Springs, which was a little more populated than Farson, but we lived 3 miles out of town, so we nearly had the wilderness to ourselves and a few other neighbors nearby.
    In all the 30 years of my life, there has never been a time where both of my parents weren't working hard. My mom was at home while we grew up, taking care of and raising 5 girls and 1 boy, making sure we had 3 square meals a day, getting us off to school and church, and running errands, then later needing to take up jobs out of the home to help get us by when my dad literally had worked his hands and elbows to the bones and nerves, causing him to lose his job from not being able to physically work. I want you to know..that I have the same deep feelings of gratitude for both my parents, but I want to share something about my dad this time.
    Despite the physical trials my Dad ended up dealing with, he has always had the gift of his hands, which are equal to the words and meaning of, work, hard labor, and love.
     This gift is his personally, but boy has it blessed more than him, and more than his family a lone. This picture is something I will always treasure. My sister asked me to take this a while ago. She has the same feelings I do about it, as I am sure the rest of my family do too. My Dad recently turned 60. My sister made a special present for him with this picture, to tell him how she felt about it, and I was so very touched that she would ask me to help, and now I want to share it too.
As a little girl, I can remember my Dad coming home from work, and his hands were always stained black from the grease he worked with through the day. His hands always had cuts on them, the skin was always thick and leathery, and it seemed that at least one of his fingernails was always purple from being smashed in someway. As you can see, his hands still have years of hard work showing on them. Each deep-stained line, in the dry and cracked skin means the world to me. We never went without, because my Dad always worked his best to make sure our family was provided for. He was out of a regular job for 2 years before we were able to move back to Utah, yet between him and my mom, and several weeks with him gone, only to be able to return every other weekend, trying to do what work he could, we made it! Now my dad is retired, and even though he still hasn't had it easy physically and health wise, retired only means, that he doesn't work for someone else. He is still always fixing a car, or tractor, landscaping, building something, working in his garden, crafting something amazing or helping and loving his neighbors. Without his hands, all these amazing works that have come about wouldn't have. Dad you are amazing to me, the best Father and friend a daughter could ever ask for, and you are very dear to me. I love you!!!!

August 25, 2011

The KinderKids-part 1

This is my adorable cousin, who I think of as my own. I watched her in my home from 9 months to 4 years, and she is still best buds with my Thing 1. They are both going to Kindergarten very soon! She starts on Monday, and Thing 1 has her evaluation on Tuesday and then starts the next Wednesday. I have been so excited all of Thing 1's life, for her to go to Kindergarten, but tonight after her "Back to School" night, I have started to feel a little nervous about it all. I can handle her being somewhere else in others care for a few hours, but everyday for 9 months is a long time! Well 5 days a week anyway. I am worried I am going to mess up on making sure her homework is always taken care of, that she is thriving and doing well socially and educationally. I know she loves her teacher already, because we got to meet her tonight and the first thing Thing One did was give her a big hug like she has known her for years. My life as a stay at home mom is about to change dramatically in a week and a half. I am not sure if I am ready or not? Totally excited, but how will I do? Thing One is going to be awesome, I am not worried about her to much, but can I support her the way she needs me to?
Anyway, we were able to have this cute little cousin over today for a few hours, as kind of a last summer play date before school starts, and well, she just looked so stinking cute, I couldn't help but pull out the camera like old times and get some fun pictures of her. She is a doll and I just love her and her parents soooo much! Here's a look-see of my favorites :)

She just lost those two teeth recently, her first ones to be lost  :)

This one is my personal favorite, I love the bare feet, and her sweet pose. She did most of her posing on her own, I just gave her the props to work with :)

Also, if you are ever wondering about places to do pictures, sometimes, you wont have to look any further than the side of your house or your garage. Today, I was thankful that we have been putting off getting our house a new paint job :)

August 11, 2011

Every Jam needs a nose : )

I told my mom not to put my shirt on me before breakfast, I was sure it would be a mess if she did.
Toast and Jam? ya.........
Jelly is my favorite food, and when I'm in a Jelly mood, I can't ever get enough, of that yummy gummy stuff!
Jelly on my hands, Jelly on my nose....................

Jelly on my belly............makes a good canvas,
I wonder how much It will take to get a good bath out of this?
I'm really going to need a good bath.
The result of a good breakfast
This is why we kept my shirt clean :)

Cute huh?

August 3, 2011

A mini mom

Thing 1 loooves her sisters.....

When Thing 2 was born, Thing 1 had a little bit of a hard time with all the attention on the brand new baby, but she still loved her sister dearly. Now that Thing 2 is three and Thing 1 is five, they are best buds! They do everything together, and they take good care of eachother. 

When Thing 3 was in my belly, her two older sisters loved her too. They didn't even know her yet and they loved her. 
When Thing 3 was born, they loved her even more, so much that Thing 1 named her Guchi Gu :)
Guchi Gu is now Guchi Gu to everyone, it just fits her!
Thing 1 has a Tri-Cycle that she likes to ride. 
Guchi Gu wanted to ride it too, so Thing 1 used her wonderful, thoughtful little mothering skills and gave Thing 3 her first experience on a bike. They rode it for at least a half an hour. Thing 3 loooooved it!
Here are some pictures of proof  :)

July 29, 2011

Thing Two and her adorableness/haircut

Some days I just look at my kids, and can't help but say "Oh I love my kids!!". 
And then I continue to smother them in hugs and squishes and kisses, until they start to struggle to get away from their crazy mother, but they never leave without making me feeling like they are the best "things" that have happened to my dear husband and I (well, besides just being married, that's a pretty great thing too. :)

Little miss Thing 2, got a hair cut. From me, I might add. The only drastic hair cut I have ever done on any of my girls or anyone for that matter. Her hair was about 3 inches longer, curly and cute, but just not even, and she was due for a trim. So, about a month or so ago, I got brave and with what little knowledge I have about how to do an A-line cut, I start to snip away! 

I looooove Her profile!!! That little ski-slope nose is THE Best!!

Somehow it turned out great! She loves it, and with her mild natural curl, it works perfectly, all we have to do when her hair gets wet, is brush it all back. It dries and curls on its own, in its own little perfect way. :)

Cute little eyes that melt me, like Chocolate :)

Yesterday it just looked so cute on her, so I snapped a few photos. She is a sweet silly girl, and I just love her!

                          I Love this Kid!!!

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