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October 21, 2010

The R family :)

I love this family :)
We took these pictures at Murray Park,
isn't this the cutest pose?
This was Dad's idea and I love it! I will definately keep this creativity in mind for future picture sessions :)

This big Fur tree was........awesome :)

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October 18, 2010

Food 4.

Finally..............stick in the toaster oven, and toast it.............
Makes mouth happy :)
Then End.
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Food 3.

Next put sauce and cheese on the top too................
I bet it would taste good just like that......, but it gets better
Lick the spoon.............
Finish off the extra cheese.................hehe, these pictures make me giggle.............
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Food 2.

Grate your cheese.............
Then spread it on your sauced bun :)
and close the bun.
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Food part 1.

First off, is anyone else having issues with bloggers new features? Its driving me nuts! I used to love being able to upload 20 pictures from Picasa, but now it only allows 4 at a time, I will have to do this post in many parts now, because trying to upload with the regular uploader here in blogger is just not working out very well, I know how to do it, but the server is rejecting them. hmmm.......

I love taking pictures of food, this is just a snack I invented:)
You need Mozzerella, pizza squeeze sauce, and flat hamburger buns. (I can't remember what they are called, I just know I got them in the hamburger bun section, and they are supposed to be the healthy kind. ).........
Open up the bun, and put some sauce on..........
then spread it with a spoon. Thats how they do it at Papa Murphey's (o.k. actually theirs is a big ladel)..........I worked their for a year ya know......
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October 17, 2010

The most comfortable shoes

I love these shoes soooooooooooo much!
I decided they were picture worthy.............

I might even frame them............

I have never worn a more comfortable pair of shoes, I think I might go buy one or two more pairs for back up!

Love, My Feet :)

$16 for a $60 pair of Aerosoles!
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October 13, 2010

Boys and legs :)

This is a family I did on Saturday, I will post more of them soon, but I wanted to share these of their boys. Such cute little guys!

The End :)
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October 12, 2010

Candid portraiture contest





Hey all! I am trying to decide which picture I should enter into a "Candid Portraiture" contest! I would love your opinion, Cast your vote for the best quality and interest overall ! Thank you!
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October 6, 2010

The adorable W family :)

We used to go to church with this cute family, but they moved about 4 years ago. It was my privilege to take photos of them. Their little twins have grown up sooo much, I remember when they were just babies! And not to mention little K, she was just a brand new little one when I saw her last! Thank you so much for this opportunity to hang out with you guys again and to capture some fun memories for you!

We took these photos at the lovely Memory Grove in Downtown Salt Lake, Ut

This little family was always so ready with smiles! I have many more, still working on them, but I wanted to give the family a sneak peak : )

10 elements to consider for composition of a photo.

  • Color
  • Balance
  • Space
  • Perspective
  • Framing
  • Lines /
  • Depth of Field /
  • Texture
  • Symetry
  • Pattern /

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