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October 18, 2010

Food part 1.

First off, is anyone else having issues with bloggers new features? Its driving me nuts! I used to love being able to upload 20 pictures from Picasa, but now it only allows 4 at a time, I will have to do this post in many parts now, because trying to upload with the regular uploader here in blogger is just not working out very well, I know how to do it, but the server is rejecting them. hmmm.......

I love taking pictures of food, this is just a snack I invented:)
You need Mozzerella, pizza squeeze sauce, and flat hamburger buns. (I can't remember what they are called, I just know I got them in the hamburger bun section, and they are supposed to be the healthy kind. ).........
Open up the bun, and put some sauce on..........
then spread it with a spoon. Thats how they do it at Papa Murphey's (o.k. actually theirs is a big ladel)..........I worked their for a year ya know......
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