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February 28, 2010

2 more

Couldn't get the chip bag from thing 2, and definately can't wait to
get them dressed up perfectly to do this again, but still cute I think
: )

February 27, 2010

Saltair pics

My husband has been running races the last month, every other weekend.
The first time was so cold, the girls were crying and we sat in the
van freezing for 25 minutes for a 5k. The next one was pretty cold,
but we came prepared with a portable DVD player and sat in the van for
45 min while he ran a 10k.
Today was a 15k, so we brought the movies again, but it was such a
beautifull day, we spent most of the time seeking picture
opportunities for an hour and 20 minutes. : )
I was thrilled at how these turned out! I cannot wait for really warm
weather, this has to be my new favorite place to do pictures. More to
come soon!!
I should be getting my new camera really soon too, I can't wait!

February 21, 2010


I did this picture a few months ago, but I wanted to try my globe
overlay with it. I love taking old pictures and trying new things with

Textures, overlay, combination

I should be in bed right now, or atleast up watching the movie with my
husband, but my sweet Aunt Emily gave me the prettiest globe for my
birthday, and I wanted to see what I could do with it pictures wise.
So here is what I came up with :)
Fun, the things you can do with textures and overlays!!
I caught this picture of my husband and thing 2 last weekend at a race
my husband was in.
I love Daddy/Daughter squishiness!!

February 15, 2010

Hugs :)

I had to get a picture of our little boy that we watch during the day
with "his girls". :)
We just love him!

February 11, 2010

Thing 1's pictures for Daddy

She cracks me up :)
I just love this little girl!!!

Happy Valentines

Thing 2, and her pictures for Daddy : )
I could seriously just eat her, she is so cute!

10 elements to consider for composition of a photo.

  • Color
  • Balance
  • Space
  • Perspective
  • Framing
  • Lines /
  • Depth of Field /
  • Texture
  • Symetry
  • Pattern /

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