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January 28, 2009

here is another version of this one. The last one had a dirty lense, because some water droplets got on it.
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more fun with water.

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This one turned out a lot different than I thought. I had my faucet on full so there are lots of bubbles in the water. It almost looks scaley!

this one makes me thirsty.

This one makes me want to clean my faucet. It not a very old faucet either!

Adria loves the Ariel light up shirt Grandpa picked out for her for her birthday!!! Kimmy has one too and hers is a princess one! Thanks Grandpa for being so thoughtfull!! They love them!!
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January 26, 2009

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She wasn't very happy after I put her piggy tails in.

cute little bitty

Birthday clothes : )
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January 24, 2009

Just a fun experiment with aperture and macro.

My little sleeping princess.
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Kimberly's first birthday cake. I love how she is standing up to the table and watching her candle. I think it is hillarious how Jordan blew the candle out, and Kimmy looked over at her like "hey that was mine!" I wish I could have caught more of her while we were singing to, I got started on it late, and then my battery died. I am glad I got what I did though. :) Kimberly had so much fun eating her cake that she cried for seconds, and then found someone elses cake and got into it too. She had lots of fun with all her family here to share it with her!
having fun with fridge magnets.

so close to walking!!
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playing with a balloon, and eatin celery :)

She kept moving around so quick, I couldn't get catch a smile from her.
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Playin with fridge magnets

eatin' celery
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Kimmy's first b-day cake!

Her show off pose

Thats the Kimmy I know!

Heavy, Heavy hangover my poor head, I forget how the rhyme goes, something about a bump on my head after that, and they hit you in the head with the present while you wish for something. hehe
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Kimmy got lots of cool toys and realy cute clothes for her birthday.

Emanuel is going to have a birthday in March, so he wanted to practice. :)

Grandma was so nice to help Kimmy out.

Poor little Adria wasn't feeling very good. She got some fun presents too though and like them a lot!
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