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January 25, 2011

New Songs on the Blog :)

So I added a playlist to my blog again. I love the song "Daughters" by John Mayer, I can't help it, I have 3 of them! I actually dedicated that song to Thing 1 before she was even born, so ya......its special to me. For kicks I wanted to see if there were any songs that had the words "Touch of Love" in them. I found 2, and they are fun, so ya I had to have them on here too. :)

I was going back through my old posts from when I started this blog, its was fun. Its crazy to see how much my pictures have changed in the last 2-3 years too. Partly because I used to use a "point and shoot", lol. Nothing against point and shoot cameras, but I Love My DSLR. I am so grateful I was able to get it too, its been lots of fun!

Anyway, I just thought I would write! Here are some pictures from when I first started to really get into this stuff. The pixel quality makes me cringe, haha

January 24, 2011

"Things" Birthdays :)

Thing 1 has hit the big 5, Thing 2, is almost the big 3, and thing 3 will be the big 8 months soon :) So I was of course excited for an excuse to do some new wall portraits :) Now I get to decide on which different process I want to print. ugh, how do you choose? Should I go with the original colored ones? Or go with the all black and white or all sepia, or the sepia with color and black and white with color? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

My big ol' 5 year old kid now :) I can remember trying to imagine her as a 3 year old when she was just a baby....... and now she's 5, how'd that happed?! She is such a sunny little girl, her "Carol Tuttle" Type 1 energy is evident in her smile, and her personality and sense of humor is just as big :) I love her like crazy and I am so glad she chose our family, so we could have her bright spirit among us each day. :)

My big 2 year old, will be 3 in two      She catches me off guard sometimes with the big things that she says. I can't wait to give her, her birthday present. Last year she got a ton of baby stuff.....This year? She is getting a changing table, with a highchair hooked on it, and places to put all her baby stuff. :) She loooooves her dolls, that is pretty much all she ever plays with. Every once in a while she will play with a pony or something, but it doesn't last very long and its right back to her baby. I remember seeing her in the N.I.C.U. all hooked up to hoses and monitors, with the nurses poking her hands, feet and head trying to get an I.V. in her chubby little skin. So sad, boy was I happy to get that little kid home with us, I am so grateful to have her in our family :)

"She will be my Tootsie, Wootsie!"    Yep that's what she is, and of course our "Guchi Gu", and "Wushy Gu",

 (both names invented by Thing 1), man is she sweet :) It's not her birthday yet, but I still had to do a picture of her too for the wall :) I just want to kiss those toesies :)

  Well, if you have any preferences, let me know, lol, I need help in deciding which ones to print.  :) Which ones would you do?

January 11, 2011

Christmas and Thing 3's 6 month picsI

It's been a while I know, I have been going crazy with Client sessions the last couple months, and had to buy more storage space too, so I have just been behind on a lot. I am catching up though! Here is our Christmas Eve Picture for this year. I love these, they always turn out interesting........The first year we started doing this, Thing one had pink eye, and Thing 2 was crying from being so tired, husband and I were smiling despite the crazy night, lol. It was great! I will have to see if I can find the picture. This one is perfect, but it would have been a lot cuter if we could see Thing 1's whole face, hehe. Thing 3 thought tossing wrapping paper around was more important. :) It was a very fun Christmas Eve and Day, everyone was happy and healthy too! I love it!

She really does think Dad's Awesome

and apparently she thinks the camerawoman is too, hehe

These are a couple of her 6 month pictures, I have a lot more, but haven't gotten to them yet. She had a great first Christmas!

I love her tootsies!
her fluffiness,

and she loved playing with the ornaments too :)

Hope you all had wonderful holidays!! Next up, lots of birthday's for us! yay!

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