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January 11, 2011

Christmas and Thing 3's 6 month picsI

It's been a while I know, I have been going crazy with Client sessions the last couple months, and had to buy more storage space too, so I have just been behind on a lot. I am catching up though! Here is our Christmas Eve Picture for this year. I love these, they always turn out interesting........The first year we started doing this, Thing one had pink eye, and Thing 2 was crying from being so tired, husband and I were smiling despite the crazy night, lol. It was great! I will have to see if I can find the picture. This one is perfect, but it would have been a lot cuter if we could see Thing 1's whole face, hehe. Thing 3 thought tossing wrapping paper around was more important. :) It was a very fun Christmas Eve and Day, everyone was happy and healthy too! I love it!

She really does think Dad's Awesome

and apparently she thinks the camerawoman is too, hehe

These are a couple of her 6 month pictures, I have a lot more, but haven't gotten to them yet. She had a great first Christmas!

I love her tootsies!
her fluffiness,

and she loved playing with the ornaments too :)

Hope you all had wonderful holidays!! Next up, lots of birthday's for us! yay!

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  1. Every time I go back and look through these pictures my cheeks hurt from smiling!


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