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January 31, 2010

Thing Two, is Two!

This is a little bit late, her birthday was the 26th.
My little thing 2 is 2 now!
And boy does she fit the part! She is not terribly terrible, but she
is getting there. : )
I still love her like crazy though. On both of my girls birthdays, I
couldn't use my camera! Thing 1, I didn't have any batteries, and then
thing 2 I lost my camera. I still can't find it. : ( I know it is in
the house somewhere, but ........where?
I did get pictures for the combined family and cousin party we did for
the both of them in between their birthdays, so we atleast got that,
but I don't have any pictures of them with the gifts we gave them.
For thing 2's birthday we gave her some really cute baby stuff. She
absolutely adores her babies, and takes care of them, the way I take
care of her. Her one special baby is continually attached to her, and
everytime I change her diaper, she makes sure her baby gets a bum
change too. : )
She is learning lots of words and sentences, and is very serious about
her coloring. She also loves to do whatever big sister does, and likes
to take naps in thing 1's big girl bed, instead of her own toddler
bed. :)
She is the sweetest little thing when it comes to affection. Kisses
and hugs, and snuggles and soft touches with her hands are a big part
of who she is. I just love it when she plays with my hair, she flips
it with her little hands and then puts it in my face and then says
"gum mamma (which means, "done mamma"), and then she looks at me
adoringly and says "ah, tute mamma" (meaning "cute mamma"). I just
love it! It boosts my self esteem evertime! : )
Little sweet baby girl, I am so glad you are mine! Your little voice
and face and baby boo body just melt me!! I love you soooooo much!!!!
Happy birthday Kiddo!

January 28, 2010

My little Girls B-day party

This is a new element I want to be adding to my business. I really think it would be fun to be a birthday party photographer.
This way the party people can relax and have fun, and not have to worry about getting pictures, I will do all the running around, focusing on capturing all the fun kiddo moments, because well....that's my favorite thing to do!

Some changes going on here at home. My daycare is getting smaller, and a new baby due in May. I have been wanting to really get organized with my little business in photography. I should be getting a more proffessional camera soon, and when this baby comes, I will pretty much be daycareless. 
Which is bitter-sweet.
I Love my Kids, whether they are mine or someone elses. Those who have spent time in my home, with my kids, depending on me to take care of them, while their mommy's and Daddy's need to go to work, they have just become part of my family, and there are sometimes I just wish I could adopt them all. It will be weird not having extra people here, I am sure part timers will come and go again eventually, and who knows if it is right, maybe I will get someone new to join the full time family, but honestly right now, I really feel like it is coming to a close.

So I have been thinking about new ideas of extra income. I would love to do photography a bit more. I have come to realize, I am just better at the kiddo stuff. I will still do family photos, but my main specialty will be capturing those cute little faces, and the timeless memories they give us all. There is just something different about taking pictures of kids. Maybe its their innocence, that I love, their carefree worlds, their ability to be beautifull in every way, just because they are, and no one can convince them otherwise. : )

My new areas will be:
Studio portraits (props welcome)
Imaginative Play (outside photography)
Kiddo Birthday Parties

Anyway, this is turning into a long post. I just wanted to explain my new blog I guess. : )

January 19, 2010

My little girl is 4!

I am realy missing the internet today. Realy wishing I could catch up
on my e-mails, and facebook. I feel so disconnected from everyone,
isn't that sad?lol
Well, hopefully by saturday I will be up and running again. : )
Meanwhile good old picasa is the only way I can get an e-mail out.
I backed up my 2009 pictures yesterday, well finished anyway. Over 40
discs, lol. Thats what you get when you don't have a DVD burner, and
you have over 5000 pictures for just one year, and you can only fit a
little over 100 on a cd.
Maybe I will try to do better this year?
Anyway, this is a picture of my little thing 1, just days old. I love her smile!
That little smile, I never realized how beautifull it would blossom!
She has always been such a happy little girl, always looking for
something fun to do. She loves all of her little figurine toys, and
plays with them all-day-long. For her birthday, I got her a set of
littlest pet shop animals to go with her rising collection of "little
toys that get lost easily".
Luckily, we have come up with a system for all these little toys. I
now have been able to seperate them all into zip up bags or pop up
bags, and she can play with one set at a time. When she wants a
different set, we clean up the one she has and put it away, and then
get the other one out. As long as we keep it up, and don't get lazy
before bed, and not leave any out, it works great!
She loves her sunbeam class for church, and they sang to her and gave
her a picture of Jesus with little children, that she loves.
She loves to learn.
What amazes me, is she knows that candy and Tator tots are not good
for her. lol I told her candy wasn't good for her, but she decided on
her own that tator tots are not good too. : )
She wont eat tator tots, and if I offer them to her, she tells me "oh,
tator tots are not good for me."
She loves taking her kid herbs too.
And she loves to shop, especially for the baby. Everything is "so
cute", or "so cool", when we are browsing for baby stuff. She is
sooooo excited for this new little one to come, and fully prepared to
be a great big sister, to take care of her.
I love you so much little girl, I am so glad you are mine! You
brighten my everday, and I would be lost without you!!!
I hope you have the happiest 4th birthday ever!!!!

January 6, 2010

a picture for you


So its a girl, something about daughters in our family : ) I am sooooo
excited! I love little girl stuff!
I realy wanted a boy, lol, and I know husband did too. We were both
secretly hoping it was a boy during the ultrasound.
The tech said I could go to the bathroom ( I had a very full bladder),
and as I was leaving, she said, "ya I am leaning more towards a girl,
but we will check again". I will be honest my heart sank a little, and
I had to say a prayer to get me excited about it. lol Isn't that
awfull!!! Its not that I didn't want a girl, I just realy, realy
wanted a boy! : )
I think both husband and I didn't know how to react. lol The tech even
said "do you guys already have a little girl?", I said, "yes we have
two.", then she seemed to understand. I feel terrible that it was so
hard to act excited, because I realy am!! On the way home, I got
sooooo excited over having another little girl! I am going to paint
the girls bedroom in pinks. When we had thing 1 we painted the room
multi gender friendly, but now that we will have 3, I figure we might
as well go all girly! And I am going to get a new crib set. Our old
one is multi gender friendly too. hehe
I love little girl stuff, I am so happy!
I have an anterior placenta again, like I did with Kimberly, and that
is why I haven't realy felt the baby move at all. The tech said, that
position for the placenta is actually the best, because it protects
the baby more.
It has all its cute little arms and hands and legs and feet, and the
tech said the heart looked realy good. 148 beats per minute : )
She was realy wiggly too, twisting and turning all over, and her
profile is soooooooooo sweet! I just love it! I love being pregnant,
and I can't wait for this little one to come.
Also, the tech changed my due date to may 4th! I am not believing that one, lol
The measurements all said may 31st though, so it will be sometime in
may. That makes me happy, because I wanted a may baby. They said they
will recheck again to confirm.
Anyway Happy news!!
Love you all!

January 5, 2010

My growing belly

Can't believe how quickly it went from not being noticeable to this! I
can officially no longer avoid the unwanted comments. lol
O well, its fun!

January 4, 2010

They start to get a little silly after a while

My kids are getting so used to having pictures taken of them, that
they do poses for me. The first one of thing two, she was laying down,
and it was actually a sideways shot for me, so her eyes ended up not
showing up very well. This silly hand covering the mouth thing though
is a pose of hers (so is the legs up in the air one). lol
Thing 1 gave me mostly (4 year old idea ) proffessional shots, but she
in the end of course had to give me a toungue sticking out one or
more. lol funny kids : )

January 2, 2010

My cute little cousin

I actually took these in october, but her mom wanted to save them for
christmas presents so I told her I wouldn't post them yet. But now its
after christmas so I can share!! : )
Doesn't she just have the cutest little dimples! And my beautifull
cousin and her boyfriend gave me some cute pictures too. : ) Thanks
for letting me take pictures of your adorable little girl Nicky!!

First Kid portraits 2010

We gave the girls a bath this morning, and my husband dressed thing 2,
while I dressed thing 1. They ended up looking so cute, I had to get
some pictures!!
Thing 1 is a type 1 energy, according to Carol Tuttles energy
profiling. Sweet, happy, sunshiney, full of love and life type of
energy. Therefore her hairstyle and clothes look best on her if they
match that energy, and I just looooove the dress she is wearing and
that pretty little rose in her hair. Such a princess, I believe. : )
She loves to pose for me, the background is actually our microfiber
couch, I liked the color it had, but then added a couple overlays and
textures to get what I got.
Thing two is a more still energy, and has more finer features and is
just plain sweet. Her idea of posing is a little bit different, lol,
and out of all the shots this was the only one that turned out of her
sitting up and looking and smiling at the camera. The rest were her
laying on the couch with her hair all squished around, and her feet up
in the air. I may just have to share some of the other pictures,
because I still think they were cute, but I was happy to get these two
for some pictures to hang up in my living room.
I am soooooo wishing there wasn't so much snow on the ground, and
hoping for spring and summer to come quickly. I miss the outside
light, and chasing after kids outside with a camera is definately
easier than doing it inside.
I realy wish my basement lighting was set up better, I am hoping maybe
for my birthday coming up, to get some track lighting or something.
That would be fun!
Anyway, I loved the way these turned out, and wanted to share : )

10 elements to consider for composition of a photo.

  • Color
  • Balance
  • Space
  • Perspective
  • Framing
  • Lines /
  • Depth of Field /
  • Texture
  • Symetry
  • Pattern /

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