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January 31, 2010

Thing Two, is Two!

This is a little bit late, her birthday was the 26th.
My little thing 2 is 2 now!
And boy does she fit the part! She is not terribly terrible, but she
is getting there. : )
I still love her like crazy though. On both of my girls birthdays, I
couldn't use my camera! Thing 1, I didn't have any batteries, and then
thing 2 I lost my camera. I still can't find it. : ( I know it is in
the house somewhere, but ........where?
I did get pictures for the combined family and cousin party we did for
the both of them in between their birthdays, so we atleast got that,
but I don't have any pictures of them with the gifts we gave them.
For thing 2's birthday we gave her some really cute baby stuff. She
absolutely adores her babies, and takes care of them, the way I take
care of her. Her one special baby is continually attached to her, and
everytime I change her diaper, she makes sure her baby gets a bum
change too. : )
She is learning lots of words and sentences, and is very serious about
her coloring. She also loves to do whatever big sister does, and likes
to take naps in thing 1's big girl bed, instead of her own toddler
bed. :)
She is the sweetest little thing when it comes to affection. Kisses
and hugs, and snuggles and soft touches with her hands are a big part
of who she is. I just love it when she plays with my hair, she flips
it with her little hands and then puts it in my face and then says
"gum mamma (which means, "done mamma"), and then she looks at me
adoringly and says "ah, tute mamma" (meaning "cute mamma"). I just
love it! It boosts my self esteem evertime! : )
Little sweet baby girl, I am so glad you are mine! Your little voice
and face and baby boo body just melt me!! I love you soooooo much!!!!
Happy birthday Kiddo!

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