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January 19, 2010

My little girl is 4!

I am realy missing the internet today. Realy wishing I could catch up
on my e-mails, and facebook. I feel so disconnected from everyone,
isn't that sad?lol
Well, hopefully by saturday I will be up and running again. : )
Meanwhile good old picasa is the only way I can get an e-mail out.
I backed up my 2009 pictures yesterday, well finished anyway. Over 40
discs, lol. Thats what you get when you don't have a DVD burner, and
you have over 5000 pictures for just one year, and you can only fit a
little over 100 on a cd.
Maybe I will try to do better this year?
Anyway, this is a picture of my little thing 1, just days old. I love her smile!
That little smile, I never realized how beautifull it would blossom!
She has always been such a happy little girl, always looking for
something fun to do. She loves all of her little figurine toys, and
plays with them all-day-long. For her birthday, I got her a set of
littlest pet shop animals to go with her rising collection of "little
toys that get lost easily".
Luckily, we have come up with a system for all these little toys. I
now have been able to seperate them all into zip up bags or pop up
bags, and she can play with one set at a time. When she wants a
different set, we clean up the one she has and put it away, and then
get the other one out. As long as we keep it up, and don't get lazy
before bed, and not leave any out, it works great!
She loves her sunbeam class for church, and they sang to her and gave
her a picture of Jesus with little children, that she loves.
She loves to learn.
What amazes me, is she knows that candy and Tator tots are not good
for her. lol I told her candy wasn't good for her, but she decided on
her own that tator tots are not good too. : )
She wont eat tator tots, and if I offer them to her, she tells me "oh,
tator tots are not good for me."
She loves taking her kid herbs too.
And she loves to shop, especially for the baby. Everything is "so
cute", or "so cool", when we are browsing for baby stuff. She is
sooooo excited for this new little one to come, and fully prepared to
be a great big sister, to take care of her.
I love you so much little girl, I am so glad you are mine! You
brighten my everday, and I would be lost without you!!!
I hope you have the happiest 4th birthday ever!!!!


  1. congrats on a little girl! Wow how exciting! Plus you make beautiful lil girls so why not go for three!


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