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January 6, 2010

a picture for you


So its a girl, something about daughters in our family : ) I am sooooo
excited! I love little girl stuff!
I realy wanted a boy, lol, and I know husband did too. We were both
secretly hoping it was a boy during the ultrasound.
The tech said I could go to the bathroom ( I had a very full bladder),
and as I was leaving, she said, "ya I am leaning more towards a girl,
but we will check again". I will be honest my heart sank a little, and
I had to say a prayer to get me excited about it. lol Isn't that
awfull!!! Its not that I didn't want a girl, I just realy, realy
wanted a boy! : )
I think both husband and I didn't know how to react. lol The tech even
said "do you guys already have a little girl?", I said, "yes we have
two.", then she seemed to understand. I feel terrible that it was so
hard to act excited, because I realy am!! On the way home, I got
sooooo excited over having another little girl! I am going to paint
the girls bedroom in pinks. When we had thing 1 we painted the room
multi gender friendly, but now that we will have 3, I figure we might
as well go all girly! And I am going to get a new crib set. Our old
one is multi gender friendly too. hehe
I love little girl stuff, I am so happy!
I have an anterior placenta again, like I did with Kimberly, and that
is why I haven't realy felt the baby move at all. The tech said, that
position for the placenta is actually the best, because it protects
the baby more.
It has all its cute little arms and hands and legs and feet, and the
tech said the heart looked realy good. 148 beats per minute : )
She was realy wiggly too, twisting and turning all over, and her
profile is soooooooooo sweet! I just love it! I love being pregnant,
and I can't wait for this little one to come.
Also, the tech changed my due date to may 4th! I am not believing that one, lol
The measurements all said may 31st though, so it will be sometime in
may. That makes me happy, because I wanted a may baby. They said they
will recheck again to confirm.
Anyway Happy news!!
Love you all!


  1. Congratulations. Girls are so cute. It will be so fun to see how this little ones personality compares to her sisters.

  2. Yay for girls!!! It's okay, you still have future tries for a boy. ;) I'm excited for you! Sometime in May...hmmmm, how about May 20th! That would be cool!


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