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January 28, 2010

My little Girls B-day party

This is a new element I want to be adding to my business. I really think it would be fun to be a birthday party photographer.
This way the party people can relax and have fun, and not have to worry about getting pictures, I will do all the running around, focusing on capturing all the fun kiddo moments, because well....that's my favorite thing to do!

Some changes going on here at home. My daycare is getting smaller, and a new baby due in May. I have been wanting to really get organized with my little business in photography. I should be getting a more proffessional camera soon, and when this baby comes, I will pretty much be daycareless. 
Which is bitter-sweet.
I Love my Kids, whether they are mine or someone elses. Those who have spent time in my home, with my kids, depending on me to take care of them, while their mommy's and Daddy's need to go to work, they have just become part of my family, and there are sometimes I just wish I could adopt them all. It will be weird not having extra people here, I am sure part timers will come and go again eventually, and who knows if it is right, maybe I will get someone new to join the full time family, but honestly right now, I really feel like it is coming to a close.

So I have been thinking about new ideas of extra income. I would love to do photography a bit more. I have come to realize, I am just better at the kiddo stuff. I will still do family photos, but my main specialty will be capturing those cute little faces, and the timeless memories they give us all. There is just something different about taking pictures of kids. Maybe its their innocence, that I love, their carefree worlds, their ability to be beautifull in every way, just because they are, and no one can convince them otherwise. : )

My new areas will be:
Studio portraits (props welcome)
Imaginative Play (outside photography)
Kiddo Birthday Parties

Anyway, this is turning into a long post. I just wanted to explain my new blog I guess. : )

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  1. Happy birthday Adria and Kimmy!!! I think that's fantastic!! You are GREAT at capturing the moment with kids! I couldn't believe the cute pictures that you got of my kids within a few moments of taking a pictures! The ones you took of my kiddos at your house, when we visited, are hanging on the wall of grandparent's houses! You're the best!! Love ya!


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