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January 14, 2009

The doctor said because Chris was such a good patient, he had the staff get him a sponge bob square pants. This is for chris to rest his elbow in to keep his hand elevated. He had it on during the night, but I noticed he had taken it off this morning.
(parental discression advised)
The culprit! Looks innocent right? Chris and I finally got the money to get his cars rear end fixed, and Chris was so excited to have his car back, he decided to do a tune up on it and make sure it was kept up on. So monday night he stayed up all night playing with it, and then last night he was finishing up. He went to shut the door, which by the way is a hefty door, and somehow caught his index finger in it. Ripping the nail out and half of the tip of his finger off. I heard him yelp, but then he was so calm about it, I didn't know how serious it was until he said "Julia, we need to go to the hospital. I lost the tip of my finger." He was so calm about it, I sort of thought it was weird. I look back now though and I am gratefull he can be calm when things like that happen. Just sitting in the room with him made me get light headed, and I could feel my throat closing off. I guess I tend to not breath enough during things like that. Something I have learned to be carefull about the last couple of years. At one point he said to me, "My teeth are chattering for some reason." I said "well, your body is probably in a little bit of shock. That tends to happen after a trauma." He was so calm, he even shocked the nurses when he told them what happend. The discharge nurse asked him how it happend, and when chris told him, the nurse flat said "Thats Gross!
Any way we have always been told that if you lose a finger, stick it in a bag of peas. So guess what Chris did! He noticed after it happend that his fingernail was missing, so he went back out to his car, and when he opened the door, the rest of his finger fell on to the ground. He picked it up and grabbed a frozen bag of peas that, has been in our freezer for who knows how long, and stuck the missing link in one, and the still attached part in another baggy.
It was quite gross when, he sat on a chair in the hospital room and dropped a bloody pea on the floor. Then he got on the bed, and I had to keep stepping over the pea to sit down myself. I think that may have added to the effect of me not feeling so good too, because everytime I saw it, it made my stomach turn. I called Chris' dad and he came and picked up the kidlets and they stayed the night there at his house. I was gratefull to not have to have them there for the 4 1/2 hours that we were. Chris has a follow up appt. in two weeks with the same doctor to see how everything is going. They are going to have to do physical therapy on his finger because they tend to get stiff after being casted for a while. Kind of interesting.
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  1. Oh, that so made me cry for Chris. And you. Tell him I want him to get better soon. And to watch his fingers (and any other body parts) when he's closing doors. Yikes!


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