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August 11, 2011

Every Jam needs a nose : )

I told my mom not to put my shirt on me before breakfast, I was sure it would be a mess if she did.
Toast and Jam? ya.........
Jelly is my favorite food, and when I'm in a Jelly mood, I can't ever get enough, of that yummy gummy stuff!
Jelly on my hands, Jelly on my nose....................

Jelly on my belly............makes a good canvas,
I wonder how much It will take to get a good bath out of this?
I'm really going to need a good bath.
The result of a good breakfast
This is why we kept my shirt clean :)

Cute huh?


  1. Way cute!
    "Jelly on my belly and I like it fine!"

    That looks like as much fun as a tricycle ride :)

    Julia, these pics are so cute, she's such a beautiful little sweetheart.

  2. She has the cutest, sweetest face. Especially covered in jelly : )

  3. Oh I love this so much!! Julia you are so amazing and creative!!

  4. thank you all :) Oh and Kerissa, right back atcha :)

  5. They are so cute......Lovely kids..i feel so good(i mean happy and relaxed for no reason) after seeing their pictures.My regards to the sweet hearts...take care..


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