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August 3, 2011

A mini mom

Thing 1 loooves her sisters.....

When Thing 2 was born, Thing 1 had a little bit of a hard time with all the attention on the brand new baby, but she still loved her sister dearly. Now that Thing 2 is three and Thing 1 is five, they are best buds! They do everything together, and they take good care of eachother. 

When Thing 3 was in my belly, her two older sisters loved her too. They didn't even know her yet and they loved her. 
When Thing 3 was born, they loved her even more, so much that Thing 1 named her Guchi Gu :)
Guchi Gu is now Guchi Gu to everyone, it just fits her!
Thing 1 has a Tri-Cycle that she likes to ride. 
Guchi Gu wanted to ride it too, so Thing 1 used her wonderful, thoughtful little mothering skills and gave Thing 3 her first experience on a bike. They rode it for at least a half an hour. Thing 3 loooooved it!
Here are some pictures of proof  :)


  1. These are SOOOOOOOOO cute! Look at the smiles!

  2. AHHHHH!!!!!! I love these!! I would put a favorite, but they all are. I do really like the 2nd and 4th pics :)


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