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March 5, 2009

O.k., yes I am obsessed with lower half body part pictures. lol I just think they add so much to the story, like the little frilly's on her dress, and the bare feet, like she is just sitting there contemplating something or waiting for something.

I am posting this one, because I want to point out something with the light. This was taken in my living room using the natural light coming through my window. I know this is probably commen sense to some people, but I learned how much better it looks if she is looking towards the light instead of a way from it or just angled to a certain degree towards it. I can't get over the expression on her face, lol, but it would be seen better if she had more light on her face I think. So just a thought, but one to keep in mind for futer portraits. Meanwhile I will wonder what sneaky giggly thoughts were going through her mind.

See, light towards the face.

and hair out of place, but light towards the face again, its so much better I think to see all the beautiful little curves and chunkiness of her cheeks and chocolate tootsie pop eyes!
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  1. What an awesome comparison. She really does have chocolate tootsie pop eyes! I love your pictures. You are doing so awesome. Everytime I look at your blog, tears come to my eyes. A lot of it is the song you picked to play. I love it.

  2. I love all your bottom half of the body pics too!


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