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June 13, 2009

what a day!

I left them downstairs for less than 3 minutes. I guess that is all it takes to get out the baby powder and paint! I tried to sound mad while I took their picture. Kiddo number one said " cheese! "

After I took their picture I sent kiddo 1 to time out, then I decide kiddo number 2 needed time out too. So they both went and sat on the stairs while I took their picture again.

see how sorry they are? I think the doll is more upset.

We got our garden containers all finished, so today we attempted to put up the Lattice.

Grandma and grandpa stopped by to check it out before heading to a movie.

hope you enjoy the detailed pictures describing everything, as if you couldn't tell. : )

The end! well not exactly but end of photo shoot, if you can call it one. hehe


  1. The powder thing? That's hilarious!!!!!!! And I'm jealous of your garden boxes. I don't have any room for a garden. Pooh...:(

  2. I have decided I should have named my kids "thing 1" and "thing 2". They are trouble waiting to happen. : )


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