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June 2, 2009

Baby and overall dress

My neice came over today and let me do these pictures of her. Sooooooo Cute!!!!
She just has the sweetest baby face!!
I also got the last one of my little one, I just thought it was so
cute, because even though she has been walking for a few months now,
she is still quite wobbly, and I love the denim dress she has on
So fun! Had a fun picture day!!

Don't forget to look at the Yoga pictures below on the post before this. : )


  1. Those pictures may be my favorite you've taken. I love the wings and halo. Are they yours? When/if I have another baby I definitely need you to take pictures with them!

  2. Very cute! I love the ones with the angel wings!

  3. I LOOOOOOVE these, Julia! There are some that just took my breathe away!

  4. Hey there!

    I am going on 4 months here in a week. It has gone by so fast. I cannot believe it! It is really truly an amazing experience and I am so glad to do this for my friends. I know you probably feel the same way, but I couldn't imagine my life without my kids... (Even though today I wanted to pull my hair out because they didnt want to listen!) But I wouldn't trade it in the world for anything!

  5. I love the angel outfit. Adorable!


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