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July 16, 2009

So fun!!! Gimp brushes that I found

So my very talented friend Stef, from Roper photography, has been
taking a class on learning different techniques and things with
brushes for photoshop. It all looks so fun!
I have Gimp 2 that I have been learning for a little while, and it
doesn't have very many brushes at all. It does a lot of stuff, but I
am sure its not anywhere close to photoshop, but while I am saving up
for a DSLR, Gimp will do. So I decided to see if they had any free
brushes to download for Gimp, and I was pleasantly suprised!

I put a lot on this photo, just for experimenting, so for starters I
found a bunch of water brushes, which made the water spots, then I
found the butterfly ones, and the foilage ones, and also if you look
close by the top right corner, I found one that almost makes it look
like there is a clear layer of plastic being wrinkled on the picture.
I think it was made for a more misty looking picture, but I wanted to
try it anyway.
Someday, I will have the cooler photoshop stuff, but this is pretty fun for now!
You should check out Stefs talent, she is amazing! : )

1 comment:

  1. So cute! I love the butterflies! I am loving brushes right now. Never used them before!


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