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July 13, 2009

our weekend

I just thought the look on her face was funny. lol

cute Kimbers!

She kept wandering around, didn't realy sit in her seat much, but she sure enjoyed herself. : )

This was her favorite spot to watch the game. She is getting so tall!

She had to check it out from this view too : )

She is going to hate me for this picture when she gets older. lol, poor Kass, kids don't care about wedgies right?

I love that one of her going down the slide all tricky like!

having so much fun!

Finally getting to eat.

I caught this sunset on our way to the drive in theatre. This picture doesn't do it justice, it was so beautiful, I wish I could have had a different angle, but the only way I caught this was actually when we went up on a hill. The rest of the way you couldn't see it.

My garden!!! Where the stick is, I planted some father beans too!

I enhanced the color on the tomatoe a tiny bit, just so it didn't blend in so much. I am so glad we are getting so much produce!

I believe these are radishes, or carrots, whichever grows faster. I learned a good way to plant them is together, they even eachother out.

these are cucumbers and below them is our lettuce crops which haven't emerged yet.

We went to a baseball game for hubbies work party on friday, then on
satureday we had a little bbq with a couple friends. I love
water/summer pictures! The colors are so fun!
Also, my garden in growing so much!


  1. You should totally try fondant cake! They are so much easier then frosting... at least I think they are. I cannot do frosting cakes. I have tried and am always dissapointed with the result.

    I totally was reminded of you this weekend. Have you ever watched The Chronicles of Narnia? The older girl Susan looks just like you. Her real name is Anna Popplewell. You can see a picture of her here.

    I don't know why but she totally looks like you in your gallery picture. She is such a pretty girl so it is a compliment!

    Your picture are adorable of the kids in the pool. They look like they are having soooo much fun!

  2. Hi Jules

    Loving all th photos. You have such an eye for capturing the joy in each of the kiddos. As for your is looking simply lovely. I was just taking photos of ours this happy to see growth. Much luv, trina

  3. LOL... no it was not my Nikon D60. I wish I were recently in Mexico! This was actually about 3 years ago. It was my first DSLR and thankfully it was only a $400 refurbished Olympus E300. My lenses were still fine it only messed up the body.

    There is a place on I heart faces that you can go where it will get you started there. It walks you through all the steps and what you need to do each week to enter in a picture. You have to include their logo at the top of your blog and also include a link to there site in the first few sentences. Then you upload your photo (only one per category) and then you post your blog. You then click on that blog and copy the exact link that will take you directly to that page and paste it onto their site to enter the contest. It is called Mr. Linky. It is really easy. If you have any questions let me know


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