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May 8, 2009

More playing : )

My girly Swinging with me. I just thought it was fun watching her hair fly around so I had to get the camera out. : )

My other little girly : ) Still in her pajamas, but oh so snuggly in them : )

ya, she needs a bath : )

This is a bush in my yard, I am pretty sure its lavander......right?? It sure smells sooooo sweet!!

I figured out how to get more than 4 pictures posted at once. You can e-mail your pictures from picasa! If you have questions on how, message me, I kind of can't remember where I changed the setting for it. : {


  1. Your bush is lilac I believe.

  2. It looks like your girls had a lot of fun! I love outdoor pictures! Your bush is a lilac. I have one too and Shawn has to rip it out today to put cement in. :( Oh well, someday our yard will be beautiful!

  3. Oooh Lilac! I like! They are so cute, and smell so good!
    Carolyn, you can transplant it can't you? How sad!


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