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May 28, 2009

New Reflectors!

So I got my reflectors in the mail today! They are supposed to help with filling in shadows and bringing out detail I think. lol

I wish I would have had them for the bridals, but I will have them for the wedding! yay! without reflector

with the silver reflector. It just kind of gives a nice glow to her skin, and if she had a funny shadow on her face, it would have filled it.

Without the reflector

with the gold reflector. I like this one, if you are getting pictures and want to look tan, here ya go! jk, I don't know if it would help that way, but it sure gave her a nice golden glow. I have yet to figure out what the black and clear reflectors are for, I will do some research, but I am thinking they will have the same effect in a different way.

Wish me luck tomorrow! any ideas on what you want to see as poses for the new couple would greatly appreciated too!


  1. The gold reflector made a huge difference on the last picture! It seems like those with darker colored skin or even animals like tigers or dogs look good with the gold reflector.

    I have a gold reflector filter so when I went to the zoo I used it on a picture of a tiger. It just brought out the colors really nicely. your picture look great! I can't believe what a difference the gold reflector did on her!

  2. I decided on the D60 because it seems to have better reviews then the D80 and the D90 was a little more then I would like to spend right now.

    Also this lady whom I adore uses the D60

    Her photography style is exactly what I would like to achieve one day. I love her style and she recommended I shoot with a Nikon instead of a Canon. CAnon seems to be higher priced and so are the lenses. I had only so much money to work with also because I have to also pay everything in cash. My husband will not let me finance a camera. So I settled on the D60 which I am sure will be 100 times better then what I had!


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