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May 11, 2009

My mother : )

oh, she is so cute!!

hehe, she makes me want to hug her and squish her!

Her and my neice, aren't they so pretty?

For mothers day, I wanted to give my mom a makeover, and try out my
new idea of doing TL Portrait Elements, by doing her portraits in her
type 1 energy. If any of you are interested in finding out what energy
you might be, the link is "my energy profile (dot) com". It is realy
Anyway, it was a good experience. : ) I know nothing about styling
hair, and I thought my mom would look realy pretty in ringlets, so I
ended up putting her hair half way up and doing lots of curls. My mom
looked absolutely as beautiful as normal, but I should have just left
her hair the way she usually does it, and just curled it some more.
She usually has it down, and it looks realy pretty that way.
I still liked how these turned out though, with the flowers and stuff,
and I know she is going to want to shoot me for posting them on here,
but I just can't help it! She is so darn cute!! And I love her sooooo
much!! Thank you for letting me practice on you mom, you were so fun!


  1. Julia, you did such a cute job on mom's pictures. She looks so pretty in all of them. Yes the dandelion one is my favorite because that is who mom is to me. I'm glad you put those on here for everyone to see our beautiful mommy.

  2. These turned out so good!! My friend wants to know your pricing. You should make an email address for your photography and post it on the side here so people can email you about appointments and questions.

  3. Thanks Kerissa! I will do that, just to answer real quick, I am doing a student fee of $50.00 for time and the whole package per hr. : )

  4. Julia! These are awesome pictures! And your mommy is just beautiful!

  5. So you should receive an award- Oh wait! You did! Visit to receive it!


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