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April 6, 2009

I thought this was interesting. My sweet talented sister wanted a picture of the girls easter dresses, because she is making some bows to match them, and I am totally excited!!! She is so talented with all of her crafts that she does, and by the way, if you come get pictures done with me, she is going to have a supply of them for sale here, and maybe some blankets too! Anyway, when I took the pictures, I used my flash (not on purpose) to take the first picture (above).
Then I took one without the flash (below). I found it interesting, what the flash did. The picture looks darker! It evened out the creases and lines throughout the picture. When I just used the natural sunglight coming through a window for the second picture, the lighting was better, and you can see more of the details of the dress, and the true colors too. I sent her the second one, because I think it turned out better. I just wanted to share, the difference. Both can be good, but it depends on what the subject is I guess. : )

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10 elements to consider for composition of a photo.

  • Color
  • Balance
  • Space
  • Perspective
  • Framing
  • Lines /
  • Depth of Field /
  • Texture
  • Symetry
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