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August 27, 2009

Awsome Salt Lake REAl game!! 4-0

The awsome players, the guy with the dredlocks number 5 Beckerman, I believe is probably their best player. He is sooo fun to watch. They are all awsome!

I think the ball is up by the orange sign if you can tell.

My dream job, only not videoing. If that is how you would say it. lol

He posed for me, actually it was just a lucky shot, but it was so perfect!

He was doing the chicken dance.

So coool! Pictures like these make me wish I had a DSLR.

I love the architecture of the stadium.

This poor guy was running out of ways to stop the ball from entering our goal. Well can you blame him, after 4 goals and his team nothing! hehe

The ball resting after the awsome 4th goal.

The other players ready to give up. hehe

This is what I missed with my camera......

oh, there it goes in the goal again!!! The goaly needs to quit practicing tricks. He is missing it completely! hehe


Look at that awsome score!!! 4-0 with less than a minute left of the game! We crushed em', oh ya!

For my dads birthday we took my Dad to a Salt Lake REAl game. It
couldn't have been a funner one!
We had some nice corner seats 3rd row from the bottom, so even with my
little point and shoot I got some fun shots. If I could ever be a
sports photographer that would be a dream!! I can't imagine what a
nice DSLR could have done for me last night. I watched pretty much the
whole game from my view finder, the environment is fun there though,
that it realy is much better actually going than watching it on T.V.
We scored 4 goals, and the other team got a big fat lonely 0! REAL
played realy hard last because REAL only needed one more win to make
the playoffs, and they did! We also sat right by the goal, so each of
the goals they made we had a realy fun view of it, I didn't catch any
on the camera though, because they were so fast! The last game we went
to they only got 1 goal, against 0, so this one was pretty fun.

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