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February 17, 2011


So it birthday did come, and leap year didn't happen  like I wanted it to. I was hoping to just jump over February 17th, and I even celebrated being 29 last night with brownies, IceCream and staying up late. I woke up and birthday still came. I figure I am going to turn 30 four times though, so this should be old school. How you ask?

When my spirit was created, 30 years later I turned 30..................

Then the day my body was actually created, was about 9 months before I was born, so technically I turned 30 about 9 months ago.............

Then of course today, my birth-day, and when my body is resurrected, I will turn 30 again. :) See, so today should really not be that bad. The hard thing, is this is the life where our bodies age, we get wrinkles (I found my first one next to an old dimple in my cheek, it can pass as a dimple for now), we loose important enzymes in our bodies that kept us vivacious before, my kids will start to go to school, and I will become a "soccor mom" I am sure of it. I already have the minivan for it. And it also means I am only 10 years from turning 40. Ugh. So I need to think about things that only 30 year old people get to do, and change it into a positive  experience.............hmmmmmmmmm.................Help......................haha!
Well, o.k., I will be taken more seriously maybe... I like that.
I actually blew out all my candles this year! I used to get so frustrated and I would even practice. So this time I focused real well, and it was even my wish, and I did it! That's a positive thing for a 30 year old birthday......
Oh, and my sweet husband surprised me with a big giant balloon. It has been my dream for a loooooong time to just see a dealership balloon up close. I have been telling him for years that I have to have one sometime, and if I don't get one before I die, he needs to make sure to have some at my funeral, so I can sit on top of it and look down at my family, and they will know I am there. hehe
So he went and bought the biggest balloon he could get for me this year. Its way cool! (I still want a big red one at my funeral though, hehe).

I also got awesome couch covers and an awesome Elephant picture on a canvas wrap, and an awesome Zebra stripe dishes set from some wonderful ladies, and some money to spoil myself! :)
O.k., I feel better now :) Yay 30!             

eh hem. The End


  1. I love your birthday pictures. I want a big balloon! Your couch covers are really pretty too. I love you Julia!!!

  2. I love these photos, too, especially how it says "Joy" in the top pic of you and your big balloon!
    You're just 29.95 plus tax!


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