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March 22, 2010

My new hobby companion

After a year, and 1 full, hard rock chair=sore Gluteus Maximus to the Max, day of research, grimacing (when I set aside the money from my savings account), and some previous convincing of the husband (who is now just as excited about it), we finally ordered our new camera!!!

This camera is awsome!!!
Its body is made of Steel Magnesium Alloy Superman!

It is weather proof (majorly, like down to 10 degrees celcius), drop proof (for me, it has a neck strap, unlike my little point and shoot, plus its really tough), has leather grips superman in leather pants!

hmmmm.........maybe that is a little weird of a comparison, how about, a leather jacket! Or old sunburned skin! hehe

Anyway, it is 14.6 megapixels, 1/8000 shutter speed, great ISO performance, built in HDR mode, and built in image stabilization, and lots and lots of features, and really great reviews from a lot of professional non-biased sources.

I am so excited! I ordered today, and it should be here friday or monday, maybe sooner! I ordered a 50mm lense with it, and it comes with the standard lense kit, which I read was great. The video quality is supposed to be really awsome too.

I am a little humbled that I am finally getting a camera of professional quality. I am keeping my fun little point and shoot, it has been so good to me! I can't wait to try the bigger and better though, and can't wait to share pictures!

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